Game Connection Europe 2015

Hello everyone !

Last week was important for me as there was Game Connection Europe 2015 in Paris.

GCE2015Lots of meetings, lots of cool people and far from all, Zero Games was at the investment pitch. So we had a booth at the European Game Booster and we had opportunities to show to many potential partners and publishers our mobile game.IMG_4863

During this 3 tiring days, I had no more than 40 meetings, I drank nearly 25 Red Bull cans (It was free … Shame on me … That’s not very good for health …), ate 12 giant cookies, slept less than 10 hours in total and I came to the Wednesday party where I had good time with some Video Game legendary developers (Edward Grabowski, you’re my idol !!).

I really hope the impact will be positive. The company had hard time working as a work-for-hire studio last year, but situation is improving and I think this event will help us to keep the momentum going.

Unfortunately, I have mixed feelings about the investment pitch. Too much pressure and stress made me forget lot of important things during the presentation and I don’t feel I’ve been very convincing. But I think it’s normal for a first time …

Let’s see if the event will help us in next weeks ! 🙂



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