Too much growth ?

Zero Games is now a bit bigger than most of French indies. We are nearly 10 people working on various project.
2016 had been a really great year for us. With Extreme Gear Demolition Arena, we launched a game that had been critical success (but commercial failure), and we proved to many people in the industry we had enough talent to make nice games.

So, following EGDA, we began some project as work for hire studio. It doesn’t mean we will not continue to update EGDA or stop working on our own games, but it’s great to know that publishers or developers have enough confidence in our studio to let us work on their games.
Then, we had to recruit more people to be able to deliver expected quality to our new partners.

Here comes a new problem … What if we grown too fast ?

Recruiting people was necessary, but what will happen if after those new projects, nothing happen ? What if nobody give us more work anymore because of financial crisis ?

For sure it will be a real disaster : hiring people that you’re not able to pay anymore after few months is definitely not the best way to manage a small studio.

Balance between present and future is really hard to find when you’re indie with limited funds. Let’s see what 2017 will give us ! 🙂



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