About Me

About Me ?

I’m very fond of multimedia, video games and new technologies.
I’m graduate of a multimedia master in project management (video games option) with a digital director certification.Pierre-Luc Vettier Graduated

I’m the founder of Zero Games Studios, a small French indie studio where I’m also the Creative Director. We are enthusiastic, motivated and we have a real love for video games. We try to make our best to deliver to gamers great gaming experiences and tons of fun !

We worked on many projects, including Extreme Gear (PC/Mobile) and I’ll try to share with you everything you want about the making of our games !

P.L. VettierMy past experiences have made me work in various businesses related to video games (as tester and as game/level designer for famous real-time strategy games and as project manager on independant and serious games), websites (as project manager and developer) and multimedia.

I also founded Looking For 3D, a company I left in 2012 which is specialized in outsourcing of 3D content.
At LF3D, I managed a nursery full of young employees and trainees, I’ve gone to shareholders meetings wearing a T-shirt instead of a tuxedo, I ate my lunches as fast as possible to have longer work hours and I was responsible of all management duties.
I sold my shares to come back in the video games industry and then I founded Zero Games Studios in 2013.

When I’m not working hard, I spend my time practicing a lot of sports and various hobbies.
judo (2)

I’m a big fan of judo, practicing this sport since 1994 at a quite good level. I also play football as goalkeeper since 2003 at an amateur level.

I raced in Karting and in various open-wheel races from 1997 to 2012. (and won various awards…)

Sometimes I also enjoy running and training myself for amateur semi-marathons, mountain biking, Airsoft (I am the founder of a well-known Airsoft association in the Paris area) and extreme sports.

I love card games, retrogaming, sci-fi movies, U.S. cars from the 60’s and 70’s, rock music, italian food (give me pizzas and spaghettis, and I will be always happy !), French history, writing books and good jokes !


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