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Extreme Gear : Demolition Arena is coming soon !

YES ! Extreme Gear : Demolition Arena is coming for March 2016. After a year and a half of intense development, the game will be released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

We plan to update the game during at least one year to add even more content. Now, we just hope people will like it !



Soon … very soon !

Hello everyone !

It’s been a while since my last post here … But I’m back with good news. Soon, Zero Games Studios will announce the name of its first game. We are working on it, trying to improve a lot of things related to gameplay and graphic environment, and be sure it will be very cool !

At the end of the week, we have a special party with some pro of the gaming industry who will see our game and play it in local area network conditions. I hope everything’s will be fine so we are doing a lot of stress tests since few days.

To celebrate this, this is some screenshots of our project !



screenshot 4


screenshot 3


Zero Games at the Video Games Incubator of Paris !

Very good news !!

Since few days, Zero Games Studios have been chosen to be part of the Video Games Incubator of Paris !

Paris IncubateurWhat does it really mean ? The Zero Games projects are considered innovative. So, the company will benefit from the advices and help of many successful entrepreneurs.

Working Hard …

Hi everybody !

We’re working very hard at Zero Games since a long time and everything is going fine here !

Our Dev team is actually working on an innovative real-time collision engine for Unity which will be integrated in our future racing games. We hope the deformations of the cars skelettons will be better than ever !

Car Skeletton

And on the other hand, we’re always working on the new cars of the game and on the gameplay … So here is a pic of our new car models !

New Cars

New Cars

Stay tuned for more informations soon ! And remember to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn !!

News from Zero Games …

Hello There !

Here some news of Zero Games ! Actually, the team is growing up and we’re working on the prototype of our first game. It’s very promising and the first features are now functional.

Directors Meeting

Directors Meeting (On pic : Me and Associate Director)

And very good news, we hope to be able to announce a partnership which will help us to reach our goals for next years ! For sure, the Zero Games adventure will be very exciting ! So I’ll try to update more often this blog to show you news about us and future games !!

Tramier & Vauchelles

Technical Meeting (Here with Associate Director and Technical Director)

Zero Games Studios

Although I’ve not been here since a very long time, I have good news to announce.

Here comes Zero Games Studios, my new business where I am the CEO and Creative Director!

The aim of the studio is to create productions approaching the AA and AA+ standards and create new innovative middleware technologies !

I hope to be able to give you more informations soon.