Curriculum Vitae

  • ZERO GAMES STUDIOS – Co-Founder / C.E.O. / Creative Director
    (Since July 2013)

Video Games and Middleware technologies.
Zero Games Studios is currently working on an ambitious project with innovative homemade technologies.


  • MEUDOL GAMES – Co-Founder / Project Manager / Creative Director
    (Since November 2012)

Co-Founder of Meudol Games.
Meudol Games is a group of artists and technicians who were working recently in the video games industry and actually looking for a job.
We make high quality indie games and prototypes only on PC platform with the aim to allow each member of the team to train and improve themselves.

I held the positions of Creative Director, Project Manager and Game Designer on an action-R.P.G. project made with the fourth version of Unity 3D Engine.


  • LOOKING FOR 3D – Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer
    (September 2011 to July 2012) –

3D studio.
– Dynamic – Digital – Different –
Architecture / Advertising / Communication / Video Games / Animation / TV / Various 3D stuff. – Outsourcing 3D content from everywhere !

I was in charge of the commercial aspects and the general management of the company. My other role was to be the project manager of the team.
My tasks were:
– To Ensure this company could achieve the impossible !
– Keep motivation at the top !
– Believe every day that talent can make a difference !

I sold my shares and left the company less than a year after its creation, wishing to devote myself to new exciting projects and come back in the gaming industry.

  • FOCUS HOME INTERACTIVE – Gameplay Tester
    (March 2011 – April 2011) –

Gameplay tests for a strategy game called : “A Game of Thrones: Genesis”
(Developped by Cyanide Studios)

Game Design work at Eugen Systems (Paris, France), makers of top strategy games like “Act of War”, “R.U.S.E.”, “Wargame”, etc … I proudly worked on AAA video games projects at the Game Design departement during 6 months. One of the games was top hit “Wargame : European Escalation” (Edited by Focus Home Interactive -Metacritics: 81-).

My tasks:
– Historical researches
– Game Design work on “Wargame: European Escalation” and an other project.
– Gameplay tests and balance
– Level Design tests
– Quests creation
– etc …

    (October 2009 – June 2010)

Project manager on the serious game “La fabrique du médicament”. (“The manufacture of the drug”)
Realization of a prototype version of a serious game to be presented by our customer, Catherine Rolland, to an unrevealed pharmaceutical company. Co-Management with a more technical oriented partner of a 6 technicians team.

My tasks:
– Project-management
– Customer relations
– Writing of the overall project documentation
– Creative direction
– Artworks

  • BIONIC SPACE (Independant Development) – Co-Project Manager
    (September 2009 – June 2010)

Co-project leader on an indie aventure video game called “Bionic Space”.
At the beginning, the project consisted as a team of 3 persons in self-management who were responsible of the creation of a small indie game prototype. (Pierre-Luc Vettier, Guillaume Sécher and Julien Veng).
We builded a playable prototype with Unity 3D Engine in only few months. The game had a complete level with smooth graphics, core gameplay integrated, FX integrated, and a lot of very cool stuffs.

My tasks : Project Management, Character Design, Game Design, Level Design, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Musical composition, Outsourcing tasks, …

Plot :
“Bionic Space is an adventure game where the hero must survive in an abandoned and damaged spacecraft dangerously adrift.
As as the temperature decreases in the spaceship, he must find a way to not die of cold, warming himself as often as possible while progressing to find an exit to the rescue shuttle.”


  • V² WEB CONCEPTION – Founder / Project Manager
    (January 2008 to June 2010)

Founder and project manager of V² Web Conception.

Websites creation, Web marketing, Webdesign, etc … Creations includes :,,, and many more websites…
V² Web no longer exists, it have been closed just after I left it. Some websites still exist, but were taken up by other companies.

  • PERFORMANCE (Soutien Scolaire) – Customer Prospecting
    (September 2008 to April 2010)

Researching potential clients, prospecting, advertising campaign for Strategie / Performance enterprise as part-time job.

Web development and graphics for Farid Belkahia’s website. (HTML, PHP and photo edition …)

The Farid Belkahia’s website was an International Multimedia Institute’s project.

Web Development technician for Haidouk website (HTML, CSS and PHP )
The Haidouk Films website was an International Multimedia Institute’s project.


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