Hello everyone ! Today is a great day ! After nearly 3 years of hard work, Extreme Gear Demolition Arena is available on iOS and Android !!!

Here’s the official website of the game :

Windows Phone version is incoming too, with a lot of new arenas and cars for the next updates.

I hope you’ll like the game and it will be a success !


Destruction incoming !!!

The release is near !!

160226_renduVoiture (2).png

We are now working on last details of Extreme Gear Demolition Arena to be able to release it on time. Everything isn’t perfect, and we aim to release new updates in the following months to add more arenas and cars (and also improve many aspects of the game), but we really think that the game has some nice potential.

It’s been a long long time we began to work on this game, so I’m pretty excited (and also a bit afraid) about the release.

Now I just hope that people will like the game and that we hadn’t worked hard during these last 3 years for nothing !!

Future will tell us …

Extreme Gear : Demolition Arena is coming soon !

YES ! Extreme Gear : Demolition Arena is coming for March 2016. After a year and a half of intense development, the game will be released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

We plan to update the game during at least one year to add even more content. Now, we just hope people will like it !


Game Connection Europe 2015

Hello everyone !

Last week was important for me as there was Game Connection Europe 2015 in Paris.

GCE2015Lots of meetings, lots of cool people and far from all, Zero Games was at the investment pitch. So we had a booth at the European Game Booster and we had opportunities to show to many potential partners and publishers our mobile game.IMG_4863

During this 3 tiring days, I had no more than 40 meetings, I drank nearly 25 Red Bull cans (It was free … Shame on me … That’s not very good for health …), ate 12 giant cookies, slept less than 10 hours in total and I came to the Wednesday party where I had good time with some Video Game legendary developers (Edward Grabowski, you’re my idol !!).

I really hope the impact will be positive. The company had hard time working as a work-for-hire studio last year, but situation is improving and I think this event will help us to keep the momentum going.

Unfortunately, I have mixed feelings about the investment pitch. Too much pressure and stress made me forget lot of important things during the presentation and I don’t feel I’ve been very convincing. But I think it’s normal for a first time …

Let’s see if the event will help us in next weeks ! 🙂


Video Games Grand Prix 2015

With my associate, Jean, we were representing Zero Games Studios at the first edition of the Video Games Grand Prix in France !

It was a great day where many teams from different studios and video games websites raced against each others.

VG GP 2015 1

Thanks to my previous racing experiences and the high motivation of my team mate, we were able to fight for first place (gaps were very tight …), finally finishing 4th after a missed pit-stop. Battle on the track were very intense and it was great fun.

Jean in action !

Jean is overtaking a rival !

We met a lot of very cool people, and racing context was great to make fun of each others. We’ll try to be back for the win next year ! 🙂

VG GP 2015 2

How much cost a mobile game ?

“How much cost a mobile game ?” …

As a lot of people want to launch their own mobile game, we have a lot of potential customers who contact us with the idea to create their game app. But in fact very few of them really knows how to develop it and what is the real cost.

In fact, most of them think “It’s only a small game app … it won’t cost a lot of money” or “my game is simple, so it will be cheap”. And that’s the real problem : People think that mobile games are cheap because it’s mobile. They know how expensive it is to make games on PC or consoles because they read a lot of articles in various magazines or newspapers about huge amount of money developers spent to create blockbusters, but nothing about mobile apps. So after all, mobile games must be tiny versions of consoles games, with tiny budget too …

I always heard “2D will cost nothing, it’s not 3D !” or “Sounds are easy to make, it won’t cost anything !” …

So this is approximatively what it cost to develop a mobile game :

Under 20K €

Under 10K €, you’ll probably never have something which will reach your expectations and be prepared to be disapointed, even if you were aiming for low quality. But you can create something with less than 20k € …

It will be a very simple minigame, or a clone of a simple game. Forget 3D, forget huge content (maybe a single level, few characters or few puzzles, very basic sounds, …) and be prepared to a very limited success. Sometimes, unexpected miracles happen (ex Flappy Bird …) but it’s impossible to bet on this type of success …

20K € to 80K €

Here’s the budget to develop nice small games. If you make it clever, you can have something simple, but which will offer an interesting experience to players.

You could have a game with nice 2D graphics, some nice content and nice musics/sounds. Don’t expect too much, but if your game mechanics are fine and your game free, your game could be a nice surprise for mobile players.

80K € to 150K €

Here’s the most common budget for most of the nicest independant games.

You can also begin to consider 3D graphics (if simplistics and if the game has not too much content) or very good 2D graphics. You can make games with great game mechanics, great story (if necessary) and with enough content to satisfy even hardcore gamers.

More than 150K €

That’s a lot of money. But with more than this amount of money you can consider adding even more features !

Nice 3D graphics (or high end 2D graphics), micro transactions, internet multiplayer, … You can add great things in your game project. Remember that some of the biggest games cost more than 1 or 2 milliions €, but you don’t need that much to make a great game if you have a strong idea and you just consider having nice graphics and nice content, without being on the top on each aspect of your game.

But remember that all these amount are just for development, not marketing …

Game Connection Europe 2014

A week ago Zero Games was at Game Connection Europe …

Featured image

We met a lot of people from different places and we tried to speak about out projects, with huge hopes that we can interest potential publishers.


So let’s wait and see ! 🙂


Car Customization begins !!

Ok, that’s just the beginning of this feature’s development, but our game (still in prototype phase …) has something new to show !!

After the level editor, now players can edit the paint schemes of the cars from their team.Car Custom

Whatever the cars that will be chosen by the players of your team, everybody will have the same paint scheme and colours. So you’ll be able to recognize players from a same team during races.

And as you can see on the picture below, you can recreate cars from other famous  arcade games …

Hornet ?

Does this not remind you “Hornet” from Daytona U.S.A. ?

I hope to be able to show you even more features soon !

Buzzies Awards

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the Buzzies Awards jury, but I forgot to tell you about it … So I’ll try to fix it !

Buzzies Awards is a challenge where students must create buzz in different ways: a video, a website, a video game, etc …

Winners and members of the jury

Winners and members of the jury

Member of 2014 edition jury, the competition was very tight as several projects have been very (very) good.


The winning project is Lamaturtle. A small insanely addictive game that allows you to control a llama on a turtle who should avoid carrots. The concept is silly but effective.

I invite you to try it here !


When Zero Games is equal to Zero publisher

Since the announce of Dead Gear, Zero Games Studios has been searching for a publisher. In fact, our little beloved company is unable to work in publishers areas of predilection : marketing, communication, etc …

The facts are simple :
Dead Gear is a game with good potential made by a very small professionnal team with few money, but actually don’t fit publishers portfolio or don’t interest them.

We are asking ourselves the question whether we should continue or not. Despite all the sacrifices some people in the team made to make this game real, we can not work eternally on a game that suits no publisher.

Anyway we will tell people waiting Dead Gear (because there are some !) our decision soon.

Here is a small screenshot in the meantime !


Dead Gear

ZGS is proud to announce Dead Gear !

You can follow the project on Facebook here !

So here’s the first real pic of the game !


G.U.Impact is available !

Hourra ! G.U.Impact is now available on the Unity Asset Store.
It’s the first Zero Games Studios production and G.U.Impact is an homemade technology we developped for our first game, and now available for every Unity developer !